How Giving911 Can Help Your Ride-Sharing Business.
How Can Giving911 Help Build Your Income as a Driver? To start with, as a ride-sharing DRIVER, you'll automatically have a AAA+ Rating from the "Business Chamber Of Commerce." You can use this Rating in any of your ride-sharing promotions and your profile. (More benefits coming soon.)

One of the problems with being a ride-sharing driver is you have NO LEVERAGE! Meaning, you're exchanging time for dollars. What happens if you have a health problem? That means no income, but that's where Giving911™ comes in.

Here's the thing, Giving911™ not only gives you a secondary income but, at the same time, benefits your favorite Charity. REGARDLESS of what ride-sharing service you're driving for, having a strong, extra income is a great thing.

Look at Uber™ and Lyft,™ for example, they have almost no incentive to recruit other drivers, but that's okay. With Giving911™, THEY can do just that.

When You're Talking to OTHER Drivers, Here's What to Say: How would you like to increase your income by inviting other drivers into a new program, having a AAA+ Rating for YOU as a driver and, at the same time, helping your favorite Charity? AND, imagine producing an income from drivers, who refer other drivers, who refer other drivers and so on. AND - It's only $10 out-of-pocket. Is that something you might have an interest in?

There's also another ride-sharing program (one that begins with a "T"), even that ride-sharing company which has a driver recruiting program, can benefit by using Giving911™. Adding Giving911™ for only $10 can make a huge difference in revenue. Also when talking to your captive audience (your passenger), informing them that you're a Giving911™ Ambassador and how you're helping hundreds of Charities is a great, warm-and-fuzzy, PR thing. Of course, you'll want to give them access to Giving911™ so they can do the same, thus, helping you.

How Does Giving911 Help Hundreds of Charities? Through our Viral Outreach™program (similar to a Social Network), it can reach out to thousands of people. Many of these will be businesses and, of course, Charities. You're not only helping hundreds of Charities, but hundreds of Charities are HELPING YOU! How? Because these Charities are in YOUR Giving911™ organization.

We haven't launched Giving911™ yet; however, you can join our OfficeDestiny™ program and start getting your peeps in place. Plus, you'll make $100 right now for each person referred to OfficeDestiny™.

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