"Office Destiny" Payment Page
To sign up, click on the form link below. Once you fill that out, come back to this page and pay by credit or debit card through the Western Union website.

Then, Make Your Online Payment From The Western Union Website. You'll Enter Our Banking Info When Requested. The Dollar Amount is $497.
Instructions: When you go to Western Union, you'll see a button that says SEND MONEY. Once you click on that, you'll see where it says, HOW DOES THE RECEIVER WANT THE MONEY? You'll click Bank Account. Then it will ask HOW DO YOU WANT TO MAKE PAYMENT? Choose Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card.
Once you've made your payment, Call: 408-222-6472 ext: 801 24/7 and let us know you've made the payment and the western union transaction number.
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