Have Your Own "Office Destiny" And Start Making Money Today!
Your OfficeDestiny Package Includes An OfficeDestinyBranch Office License, The "Insider Group," Web-Based TV Commercial (with your information on it), Be Listed on Our New OfficeDestiny Web Page (coming soon) With All The Other OfficeDestiny Locations. Price: $497.
How it Works ... Even though Giving911™ has not launched yet, by purchasing an OfficeDestiny™ for an annual fee of $497 (no monthly fees), you can start earning commissions on each OfficeDestiny™ sale. As you know, Giving911™ (Fan Network), is a $10 per month subscription but you can't sign up for that until we launch.

In the meantime, there are several advantages to having an OfficeDestiny.™ License.

You'll be Licensed to Open an OfficeDestiny.™ An OfficeDestiny is a Giving911™ location you can open in your local City or County. It may be an executive suite or coworking space. PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to have a location to start. It can be a home-based office. Your license is for one location.

At your location, you'll be able to have meetings to promote Giving911™ and any other opportunity, product or service in your arsenal. Giving911™ will receive lots of exposure along with celebrities who also have their own favorite Charity. When Giving911™ promotional materials are available, you'll receive discounts on our licensed material and merchandise. Take advantage of this now before the price goes up.

JUST ADDED ... Send a picture with you in your home office (or actual office). We're creating a page where people can see the various OfficeDestiny™ locations. Furthermore, we'll also link your picture to any URL you choose.

Insider Group. When you purchase an OfficeDestiny,™ you'll also be part of the "Insider Group" for Giving911.™ This will give you privileges and information prior to the masses about anything concerning Giving911.™
PLUS ... We create a web-based TV Commercial for you with your contact details, website address, and phone number. You choose the details. Example: just a website URL? Or your phone number and social network handle and so on. Click here to see a sample of the commercial. The commercial is for anything that's an online type business. It does not have to be about Giving911™ (unless you want it to be). Your commercial will be sent to you in an MP4 format. ALSO. If you prefer, we can send you the commercial without any text and you can place your information as you see fit in ANY video editor.

In addition, you can make money NOW as an affiliate for OfficeDestiny.™ In other words, you'll receive a direct sales commission when you sell an OfficeDestiny™ package. Contact us for commission details.
Purchasing an OfficeDestiny™ also places you in a "premium position" for The Viral Outreach™ structure. This could amount to a substantial income. Click here to see potential revenues when launched.
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