Imagine Your Charity Getting Help From Hundreds Of TV Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers And Bloggers?
The Media? Virtually all media has helped Charities at some point. They're called PSAs (Public Service Announcements). The problem is they don't get paid for it. Now, Media can get paid for it.

How Does The PSA Concept Work With Giving911.™ Let's say you're Media and decide to do a PSA for the "American Heart Association." You'd air the commercial (PSA) and instead of driving someone directly to the Charity, direct them to a separate web page where they can donate via Giving911™ and get compounding, or, if the donator at that point doesn't want to do Giving911,™ they can go directly to Charities website.

YOU (the media) benefit because the Charity will be in your sphere-of-influence Giving911™ organization and the Charity gains more donations, because of the "compounding" that Giving911™ offers.

In addition, all Media knows other Media. Simply reach out to those contacts and let the Giving911™ website do the telling as to why they should use our platform as well. As other Media sign-up, this again builds your Giving911™ organization which helps your favorite Charity and can actually be a profit center for your Media outlet.

Furthermore, ALL media uses Social Media and may have hundreds if not thousands of followers. Again, are they getting paid for that? Probably not. By posting Giving911™ on their Social Media, it will draw attention and as people and organizations follow them into Giving911,™ YOU will benefit because they are in your Giving911™ sphere-of-influence organization.
If you're a MEDIA OUTLET, you'll want in so you can monetize your followers from the social networks you're using and at the same time, HELP hundreds of Charities!

If you're a Giving911 "Ambassador," imagine the revenues that can be gained with tons of Media in your organization?

You get all of this for just $10 ...
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