How it Works
"Fan Network" is a portal where you can monetize your fans and followers from ANY Social Network. You'll simply invite people, organizations and businesses to follow you into the "Fan Network" program so they too, can monetize THEIR fans and followers, regardless of the Social Network they're using now. We also have our own Social Network, News RockStar (think Twitter for business), which is our main product.

In addition, people, organizations and businesses can also use the other aspects of the program such as Giving911™ along with other products and services to help their cause or business.

Part of the "Fan Network" concept is our Giving911 program. With Giving911,™ you can use the portal to help raise money for YOUR Charity. The concept is simple. Again, as a Charity, you'll simply invite other people (potential donors), organizations and businesses to also get their own "Fan Network" portal. By doing so, and as they sign-up (retail $10 per month), this produces commissions that are paid directly to the Charity.

Furthermore, as the other people, organizations and businesses get their own portal using the Charities affiliate URL, this helps "compound" the potential earnings for the Charity.
People Are Already Using Social Networks Anyway, So They Might as Well Get Paid For It.
What Do People Get For Their $10?
They receive  an array of benefits and services for their $10. Example: they'll receive a AAA+ Rating from the Business Chamber Of Commerce. Get FREE Discount medical programs for all their employees. Free use of the Department Of Jobs™ (when launched) and more.

In addition (at no extra charge), people can also use the portal as a means of raising money for Charities and Crowdfunding projects. Again, there are many ways you can use the "Fan Network." Just go through our website and you'll see the many ways it can be used.
What Do "Compounded" Revenues Look Like?
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