"I Love Having The AAA+ Rating For My Business. It's Much Better Than That BBB Thing."
We're Disrupting the "Business Ratings" System. The AAA+ Rating from The 19 year established "Business Chamber Of Commerce," has announced its exclusive offer for Giving 911™ subscribers. What's the offer? It's FREE with your Giving911™ subscription.

The Rating can be used by virtually any business. No other special qualifying. No credit check. Can be used with all other credentials. Any complaints about your business are re-directed to you. Unlike the "BBB thing," we do NOT submit anything to legal authorities. Your rating never changes. If we receive a lot of complaints, you could lose your Rating all together. Run your business ethically, and they'll be no issues.

Included will be our logos that you can use in all of your advertising, marketing, and packaging. Welcome to the "Business Chamber of Commerce."

Imagine helping your favorite Charity and YOUR BUSINESS at the same time!

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