Can Businesses Help Your Charity?
It's pretty simple. Most businesses also have a Charity they would like to help but can't always be giving. With our process and only $10, they can help THEIR Charity 24/7 completely hands-free. And, at the same time, help your charity as well. In fact, our program can actually be a profit center for the business that joins Giving911.™

All business owners know other business owners and by inviting a few, they not only are helping their Charity greatly, but actually helping the other businesses favorite Charity. In fact, through our Viral Outreach™ program, revenues generated can be substantial.

Here's How it Works ... As a business you sign up your favorite Charity with YOUR Giving911™ invitation link. Now the Charity starts to promote Giving911™ to their donors, through press releases, volunteers and so on. This creates revenues for them AND, revenues for you the business owner because the Charity is in YOUR Giving911™ sphere-of-influence organization.
This can happen through your Giving911™ Viral Outreach™ sphere-of-influence.

You get all of this for just $10 ...
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